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a Historical Calamity of the Great Khmer Families.......

Implementing breathtaking traditional Cambodian dances and vivid, expressive costumes, “Comrade Daughter” is a powerful and poignant pageant that brings alive this heartrending story of a Cambodian woman who had lived during the Cambodian communist regime.

“Comrade Daughter” consists of silent acts and Cambodian dances, accompanied by a narrated slide show. Performed by the CDSD troupe, the play revives the tale of the fall of the great Khmer civilization, which once flourished in Cambodia . (Continue to next page.)

Come and celebrate the New Year! the Cambodian way - click here>>>.

Be part of our community As long as you help it counts..! Full essay by a 6th grader in San Diego

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CDSD offers the Cambodian traditional dance performance as an entertainment for all occasions.

Are you Cambodian cultural competent? - Learning Khmer language, culture, and tradition to understand the behvoiral parttern of the community.

Need references and be prepared for a trip to Cambodia? - First learn about the culture.

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