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Bon Pchum Ben is 15-days ceremony from September 19th through October 3rd. The first 14 days which call Kan Ben, a group of Cambodian people take turn for one day taking responsible to host the ceremony at the temple. That usually means the host would be responsible for catering food for the monks and other people who also come to the ceremony. October 3rd is the final day or a wrap-up day where everybody would come to the temple and celebrate. Bon Pchum Ben is a traditional Khmer's festival of death in which Khmer people remember their deceased relatives. Khmer people believe that by bringing food to the temple to offer to the monks they would be spiritually connected and be able to provide the food the deceased ones. This ritual has to be done through the monks' sermons.

During this 15 days of festival , Khmer people, the rich or poor, manage to prepare food for offerings to the monks. Especially the last day, a mass collection of foods ends up at the temple. In addition, khmer people also offer money to monks. The money raised from this occasion would normally is budgeted to new construction or renovation of any old buildings which includes schools, bridges, and the temple itself.

Anyone who visits Cambodian temple during this Pchum Ben festival will be warmly welcomed with the delicious taste of rice cakes called Num An sam.

Come celebrate the Festival of the death, the Cambodian way at Wat Sovannkiry 3864 52nd street, San Diego, CA 92105.


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