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About Cambodian Dancers of San Diego
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Our mission is to collectively help each other grow and improve the quality of life in our world communities by informing the surrounding communities of current policies, services and resources available, addressing and promoting public health, education, and social matters among diverse populations, promoting and preserving our diverse language, history, arts and culture through artistic means.

Our Vision is to help the young generation to reach their potential and succeed in all opportunities available. We anticipate extending our services to reach those who live in Cambodia and help them improve their education, health and life skill.

Our Approach is to use the teaching of our culture and arts to the youngsters and general public. Our great culture and admiring fine arts are our main attraction. Teaching these youngsters and the general public about our cultural asset brings forth the awareness and enhance children's self-esteem. Ultimately, CDSD is able to reach out and succeeded in our advocating goal and it also spreads out the efforts to preserve Cambodian fragile culture.

Even though, we are currently serving Cambodian communities and preserving our Cambodian culture, our commitment is to support any efforts to bring forth the best of any cultures of any ethnic groups. Dancing is not the only activity we emphasizes, in fact, it is the mean to achieve our social, educational and health goals. Serving Cambodian youth is our focus, however, we have served younger children and adults, and from other ethnic group as well as caucasians.

We are specialized in Cambodian culture and arts, traditional dance training and public performance, cultural training to any advocates who working with Cambodian people, languages and literatures. We're considered ourselves to be your reference and connections between our homeland, Cambodia and you!

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