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The CDSD offers many youth programs in San Diego besides learning the Cambodian cultural or traditional dances. Come and learn about our after-school programs such as teen pregnancy prevention program, youth asset development program, and other health promotion programs.

CDSD's Announcement- Opportunity to learn Khmer language! Through "Khmer Study"

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Program coordinator and instructor: Sarak Suon.

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Khmer Study

Through the Culture & Arts program of the Cambodian Dancers of San Diego (CDSD), Khmer Studies are being offered to both adults and youths alike, regardless of ethnic background, together with the complementary opportunity to learn the Khmer (Cambodian) language.

The CDSD Khmer Studies program encompasses a Khmer language academy and is available for anyone who is interested in Khmer culture, arts, language, and literacy. It is specifically designed to enable the non-Khmer speaking individual the opportunity and capacity to learn and understand the fundamental characteristics of Khmer language, although the program is also beneficial and open to those who may have previously had some nominal, rudimentary Khmer language background.

Unlike conventional instruction where students start at first grade level, the CDSD Khmer Studies program is not a curriculum-based agenda. Rather, students learn to read, write, and speak the language based on practice while focusing on articulating, listening, and understanding Khmer language usage. This distinct sequence of learning progression brings forth the application of analytical thinking from which students may deduce pertinent conclusions as well as offer practical suggestion. It affords students the opportunity to learn the language through four environments: Khmer history, Khmer literature, Khmer arts & culture, and Khmer communities.

Cambodian Dancers of San Diego does not charge students enrolling in this program of study, but it is requisite and essential that the student offer his or her skill to help facilitate the CDSD's programs. Nonetheless, we also appreciate financial endowment and donation. Students must, at their best efforts, attend the class regularly.

Class is scheduled, temporarily, to be on Sunday in the afternoon from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. (the same time and place as the dancing class: Wat Sovannkiry 3864 52 nd Street , San Diego , CA 92105 ). This schedule is not finalized yet and may possibly be revised to best fit with all students' availability. The class size will be kept small.

nrollment is open as of August 14, 2005 and expected to start with the first session on September 4, 2005 . You can register your name with your reply email back to me.

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