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A Theatrical Dance Performance,

A production of

Cambodian Dancers of San Diego


4:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M.

MAY 6th, 2006


4345 54th Street, San Diego, California 92105 (click for Map & Direction)

Performing Schedule

Welcome Remark

Act I: Disciplined Learner

Performing Dance- "Neary Chear-Chu"

Act II: Shock and Celebration

Performing Dance- "Krama"

Act III: 'First they made me get out from my house and my home town'

Performing Dance- "Peacock Pusat"

Act IV: 'Then, they made me work without food and made me become my daughter's enemy'

Performing Dance- "Chroat Sraov"

Act V: 'For four years, I was losing my daughter and then I lost my life to her'

Performing Dance- "Apsara"

End Remark

Welcome to our seventh anniversary performance!

Cambodian Dancers of San Diego (CDSD) has been striving for seven years through the combined efforts of our board directors and dance instructors to serve Cambodian-American youth. Two hundred and fifty students in high, middle and elementary schools has been benefited from our programs. Our students and volunteer staff would appreciate so much your supports of any from: time, expertise, or financial donation and sponsorship. Our dancing class is part of our youth development program. The youth who come to our dance classes are required to participate in our literacy and fitness classes, and they are taught about the world surround them. CDSD encourages students tolook beyond their own homes and neighborhoods to understand their parents, other communities, and other countries so they can expand their horizon and reach their full potential.

As president of this organization, I appreciate your presence at the show and I am appealing to you for your supports. I hope you take this opportunity to witness the excellent results of our programs. The show you will see on May 6th goes beyond simple performing arts.

This showis aimed at strengthening the bonds between Cambodian-American youth and their parents. Understanding the anguish and suffering their parents endured during the rule of Khmer Rouge and their parents'motivations for journeying to America will help the younger generation of Cambodian-Americans to appreciate their opportunities in United States. In addtion, non Cambodian audiences will be educated about the tragic history of the Khmer people and understand the foundation for the current psychological illnesses that have resulted from the genocide in the 1970's.

Please learn more about the Cambodian culture and our commitments toward improving the lives of Cambodian youth in San Diego.

If you would like to volunteer for this event, please email and contact Sarak Suon, Program Coordinator at 619-733-8187



Act I, Act II, Act III, Act IV, Act V

Performing Dances: Neary Chea-Chu, Peacock Pusat, Krama, Chroat Sraov, Apsara.

Send check to CDSD and E-mail us to confirm your reservation.

Please help announce this spectacle among your friends.

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