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The establishment of the new name for our organization, Social Development & Advocates, in 2004, presented us with the opportunity to acknowledge our other youth activities outside of the art, literature, and culture spectrum. We have been offering two areas of services: 1) Social, Health & Education program and 2) Art & Culture Preservation program.

Social, Health & Education programs- includes program that:
*  Supports community physical and emotional well being.
*  Promotes teen health.
*  Offers Substance abuse prevention. 
*  Advocates Adult and senior about Health and other resources.
*  Teaches Child development (includes 0-5 school readiness).
*  Guides to youth asset building and leadership development.
*  Offers academic supports.
*  Promotes higher education and professional career development.

Arts & Culture Preservation program- includes program that:  
*  Enhances and articulates artistic talents of an individual.
*  Promotes cultural awareness through workshops and public presentations.
*  Supports Khmer studies and research.
*  Links to resources related to Cambodia in general.

The success of these programs has been reflected by the continuous invitation for the Cambodian Dancers of San Diego dance troupe to perform in various occasions. Our dance troupe has performed in a social gathering like annual fun-raising dinner, Bravo San Diego, and other festivities such as street and neighborhood fairs. If you are interested to enhance your event with cultural atmosphere or ethnically entertainment, it would be our honor to be part of your event. Give us a call.

The CDSD is pleased to provide cultural training to providers, students, and to provide a public speaking about Cambodians in San Diego or Cambodians and Cambodia in general. We would like to have you join our family of cultural competent.

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